ICMLPO JCG Main Coordinator answers a criticism by Communist Proletarians / Italy

To the Parties and Organizations participating in the ICMLPO
Communist Proletarians

To all concerned people

On 20th October we received the following communication:

Communist Proletarians does not sign, nor share, the hypocritical and opportunistic statement did by the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations about Nepal.
In this statement they salute the “historical victory at the election in Nepal”, talking about leftist forces guided by the CPN(m).

Call for the Support of the X. International Conference of Marxist- Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

The worldwide economic and financial crises targets in a real historical dimension the workers and peoples of the entire world on a special brutal way and challenges the international communist and worker movement in a new way. (...)

Declaration in solidarity with the workers and the peoples masses in Bolivia

Dear comrades,
on behalf of the Joint Coordinating Group of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, we submit our solidarity and revolutionary greetings to the PCMLM Bolivia and the workers and people’s masses of Bolivia.
By attempting to split of the provinces rich of raw material in East Bolivia, the imperialist powers headed by US-imperialism want to destabilize the situation in Bolivia and bring about the overthrow of the progressive government. Fascist gangs raided television- and radio stations in Santa Cruz not agreeable for them. Under responsibility of Leopoldo Fernandez, the Prefect of the province Pando, paramilitary fascist forces purposeful committed a massacre among small farmers and land workers with their women and children. They were on the way to the capital city of the province, to protest against the fascist attempt to putsch, in which at least 30 persons were killed and dozen’s injured. The fascist putsch failed of the fierce resistance of the working class and the broad masses. (...)

Declaration of Solidarity with the Workers and People's Masses in Nepal

Dear comrades and friends,
the Joint Coordinating Group, elected by the 9th International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations in 2007, conveys its revolutionary greetings and solidarity to the Nepali people for its historical victory over 240 years of monarchy rule. It is a great encouragement for the working class and broad masses of people in the entire world. After the elections in Nepal which ended with the clear victory of the left wing forces with the CPN(Maoist) at the head, the Constituent Assembly has been formed, that on 28th May abolished monarchy and declared Nepal a democratic federal republic. This event has to be celebrated all over the world, both within the international communist and working class movement, and by all the anti -imperialist , democratic and progressive forces, because it is a victory against imperialism and feudalism. (...)

Letter of condolence to PCR Argentine and the relatives of Jorge Rocha

Dear relatives, dear comrades,
with deep sorrow and sympathy the Joint Coordinating Group (JCG) honoured comrade Jorge Rojas on its meeting at the end of September 2008. Comrade Jorge Roja passed away after long disease on September 2nd, 2008. Being founder of the PCR Argentina, member of the Central Committee and the Polit Bureau from the beginning and Organization Secretary of the PCR Argentina, he contributed leadingly to the successful work of PCR Argentina and to the development of class struggle in Argentina. (...)


On the 23rd of May 2008Önder Dolutaşcame to Germany with the intention to work at an international event, when he arrived at the Frankfurt Hahn airport he was arrested by the German police under the pretext of an ‘international extradition demand’ of the Turkish state over INTERPOL. On May 24th he was brought in front of the judge and send to the prison in Wollstein (Rheinland-Pfalz). His file is handled by the regional highes court in Koblenz, Onder Dolutas is waiting there for his trial. (...)

Communication of the main coordinator party of the JCG about the death of Krispin Beltran (Ka Bel) May 2008

The CARC Party, main coordinator of the Joint Coordinating Group of the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations, is sure to express the feelings of all the members of the JCG and of the ICMLPO signifying its sorrow for the death of Krispin Beltran (Ka Bel), a great communist, a great defender of the workers and of the poor people, a comrade who began his struggle when he was a boy, as a partisan against the fascist troops of Japan occupying the Philippines, and who ended his life as a revolutionary of international stature.

Joint Declaration on 20th March 2003, the war of aggression against Iraq (March 2008) 


On 20th March 2003, the war of aggression against Iraq and subsequent occupation began, led by the US imperialists and supported by the imperialists of other countries in the military, political and economic fields. This war of aggression has been the widest and fiercest attack by the imperialists in recent decades, within a general strategy (for the Middle East), including the aggressions against the Afghan, Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.

October 2007 Joint Declaration: The significance of the October Revolution today

The socialist revolution of October 1917 was an event of worldwide significance for all proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, because, under the leadership of the communist party of Lenin, the revolutionary Russian proletariat had assumed state power by destroying the bureaucratic military machinery and overthrowing the rule of the Tsars, one of the most obsolete and oppressive monarchies in history.


Joint Statement of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations on Kargil (April 22, 1999)


While the government of India has sold out the country's interests to Imperialism and the multinationals, it is fighting over a few kilometers of land on which not a blade of grass grows. Successive governments have sold out India's industries, its financial sector, its raw materials, its rich mineral and energy resources, its agricultural produce.... and now even its genes, its intellectual property rights, its land and forest wealth etc. It has recently even turned the lucrative 'export processing zones' into 'free trade zones' where India's laws and jurisdiction will be severely restricted..


For an international front of active resistance against the imperialist NATO war in Yugoslavia! (June 22, 1999)


Since the NATO began its aggression against the peoples of Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999, the war has been escalating. The alleged "humanitarian reasons" are pure hypocrisy. The same NATO politicians are supporting the NATO country Turkey with massive military aid in its policy of genocide against the Kurdish people...

The putschist group from Goma expels itself from the RCD (May 20, 1999)


The group from Goma has just published the list of members who are part of their leadership. For the progressives and the democrats of the political leadership, as well as for the overwhelming majority of members at the basis of the RCD, this means that the putschists have signed their expulsion from the ranks of the movement with this action...

Congrès des Progessistes pour la Libération (CPL),PRESS RELEASE (22 May 2000)


1. On this Monday 22 May 2000, the Congrès des Progessistes pour la Libération (CPL), announces to the national and international public, its decision to withdraw from the political forces front of the rebellion which is operating in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo...