1. Participation in the multilateral organization of the Conference is based on equal rights and the duty to fulfill the jointly approved rules. The 9th International Conference itself passes its own rules and agenda.

2. The Conference will be led by a presidium which is composed of seven comrades from the circle of IC participants. The composition of the presidium will be proposed by the Conference, and the presidium will be elected by rising of hands.

3. The 9th International Conference was prepared by the Joint Coordinating Group (JCG) which submits its report (account) on its work to the assembly of the 9th International Conference, according to Resolution Number 4 of the 8th International Conference.

4. Each organization has one vote on all voting matters. Decisions on contents are based on the principle of consensus. This includes the possibility of abstention or nonparticipation in the vote if an organization cannot fully agree to the ideological political contents. There is no right of veto on resolutions for decisions on contents. Motions on conference procedure are approved by simple majority.

5. On the basis of the submitted written contributions, the discussion of contents can be started immediately. All contributions during the Conference must not exceed 5 minutes in one of the main languages in order to afford a broad, equal discussion. The country reports will not be read at the conference, but every organization will get 5 minutes time in the item on the agenda to add recent developments orally. Participants who do not submit a country report in writing in time should also get only 5 minutes time. However, the presidium should be flexible if there are due reasons that a contribution could not be submitted on time. Generally, the aim is to have enough time for discussion in this item on the agenda.

6. The presiding officer at any given time, during the time when he/she engaged in debate with someone on the floor, shall yield his position on preceding officer for that time.

7. The presidium gives the floor to speakers in the order in which they raise their hands.

8. The Conference's language is English. The Conference organizes translations into the four main languages: English, German, French and Spanish. If an organization needs any other langage,it must organize the respective translation on its own.

9. There will be no official written minutes. Minutes taken by individual organizations on their own initiative are for internal use only.

10. The Conference aims at working out resolutions on the results of the discussion containing the basic points of agreement of the 9th Conference. These resolutions can be published as a whole or in parts. They are supposed to reflect the degree of the achieved ideological political unificion and the process of the International Conference. Therefore commissions will be set up to make use of the discussions in the resolutions and present thm to the Conference.

11. It is proposed to the Conference to decide that a 10th International Conference should be held in two or three years. A new JCG should be elected to prepare this conference.      

12. The International Conference is organized, carried out and financed in a multilateral way.