8th International Conference


Contribution of

Revindo, Indonesia


Country Report Presented by Revindo 

May,  2004



Dear  Comrades,

We would like to express our revolutionary greetings to all comrades participating in the 8th International conference.


Economic crisis in South East Asia around 1997 were followed by the economic depression in Indonesia in the following years. The peoples’s rage against the fascist regime could not be stopped. The wave upon wave of democratic mass actions lead to a political crisis. Soeharto was forced to step down from the presidential chair on May 21, 1998. The presidential change from BJ. Habibie to Megawati did not change the essence of the ruling class regime in Indonesia. All of them are the puppet of US-Imperialist. Moreover, the Megawati Regime apply the same policy as the fascist regime of Soeharto in handling people’s interests and demands. The workers demands on the improvement of working condition and raise the wage were answered with anti-trade union law and criminalization of strike. The peasants demands on genuine land reform were answered with repressive dispersal of mass protests and arresting the peasant’s leaders. The semi-proletariats and urban petty bourgeoisie’s demands for cheap and better public facilities in health, housing, and education were answered with privatization of public interest centers, demolition of “dirty” urban communities, and many others repressive actions.


The economic crisis in 1997 which lead to a political and social crisis is still going on. the IMF is playing important role in restructuring indonesian economic by gradually suspending subsidy in health services, education, electricity, and energy. Waves of privatization are taking place in different sectors of Indonesian economic as bank, telecomunication, and state interprises are being sold cheaply to foreign investors. The living condition of our people is worsening.


In April we had general election and in July we will have presidential election. In the absence of a communist leadership, the most reactionary forces represented by fascist Armed Forces and bureaucrat capitalist will be back in the power through election. They will never be able to solve the political-economic and social crisis being suffered by our society.  The only way of solution that must be taken by the people of Indonesia is national liberation movement waged by the working class, peasantry, and others working people and led by the proletariat against imperialism and its domestic lackeys. The objective of the struggle is to seize the power from reactionary regime of dictatorship of compradors, bureaucrat capitalists, and land lords. It will pave the road for liberating the proletariats and oppressed people of our country.


The violence revolution is the correct way of national liberation movement. The experiences of Indonesian people in it struggle for socialism taught the working class and the oppressed people to follow the road of armed revolution in national liberation movement. Besides, brilliant examples had been set by comrades in the Philippines, Colombia, Nepal, Turkey, India and other countries who  are waging armed struggle.


Today, the national liberation movement of Indonesia is preparing and training the working class and others working peoples to stand for their freedom, rights, and liberation. Many democratic mass organizations had been built and formed in various places especially in the center of population in urban or rural areas. The working class, peasantry, women, youth, and student are creating their mass organizations will acquire national character. In the struggle for their class, sector, or group interest, these mass organizations will gain experiences in  solving local, national, and international problems.


Today the principal contradiction is between the exploited people and oppressed nations on the one hand and imperialism headed by US in the other hand. The US’ war of aggression on Iraq, political and military support for Israel in Palestine, the intervention in Colombia and Venezuela and many secret operation in other Third World countries made the US imperialism as the biggest terrorist power. The fundamental contradiction between labor and capital in advance industrialized countries is sharpening, as well as the conflict among imperialism power.


The national democratic revolution suffered a severe set back when Suharto backed by US and British Imperialism through their secret agencies CIA and MI-6 staged  the military coup d´etat in September 1965. As a result, millions of innocent people was massacred  and the Communist Party of Indonesia was almost completely destroyed and wiped out.


We are now in the process of unification and rebuilding the Communist Party of Indonesia through a rectification movement guided by Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung Thought. 




Down with Imperialism!!!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!!!


*     *     *     *     *