8th International Conference


Contribution of

CARC, Italy


Support Committees to the Resistance for Communism (CARC) - ITALY




Italy is one of the main imperialist countries, even if it never had a primary role except on during the twenties/thirties, when Italian bourgeoisie created the first fascist regimen in history, a historic example for bourgeoisie all over the world.

The birth of fascism has been the bourgeoisie´s answer in front of the great development of working class´s struggle during the 1920/1921, struggle that put on the agenda the seizure of power, on the wave of October Revolution.

During those years working class occupied factories, peasants occupied lands and a revolutionary movement shaked all country. Divisions inside the Socialist Party and the absence of a real bolshevik communist party prevented the seizure of power. Nevertheless this struggle has been very important for the birth of first Italian Communist Party.

Fascism established a terroristic regimen, imprisoning thousands of Communist Party leaders, first of all Antonio Gramsci, dead in a fascist jail in the thirties.

Clandestine Communist Party organized the resistance during twenty years. That resistance contributed to undermine the warmonger fascist regimen, and led the armed resistance (1943-1945) of popular masses, which released Italy from nazi-fascism.

At the end of Liberation War the Communist Party instead of take advantages of the revolutionary situation and make Italy a socialist country, conducted a line of agreement with bourgeoisie parties for a national unity government, giving a wrong outlook about common front politics. Once again the working class didn´t conquer his task because of  the wrong line of Communist Party.

Since that time until today italian imperialist bourgeoisie set a regimen founded on four pillars: 1) imperialist employers, 2) U. S. imperialist bourgeoisie, 3) the Vatican Church (Vatican is one of the most powerful imperialist group of the world, because of his economic, political and social relations), 4) the Mafia. This regimen by turns until today has governed our country. During this period the situation has been determined by bloody interior struggles within the bourgeoisie, Mafia´s wars, continuous government crisis, and by a fierce attack against working class, including slaughters, several killings of striking workers, struggling peasants and young demonstrators (since the slaughter at May Day in 1948 at Portella delle Ginestre in Sicily until the killing in Genoa of Carlo Giuliani against G8 in 2001). The situation has been also determined by the presence of the greatest Communist Party in imperialist countries. It counted 4.000.000 members and reached over 10.000.000 votes at 1975 elections (33 %).

Italian Communist Party has been one of the most rapresentative of modern revisionism. Togliatti was the promoter of pacific way to socialism. He stated that was no more necessary the revolution and socialism can be reached by the parlamentary way.

By one side Communist Party´s struggle led working class to great economic, political and social conquers. Those conquers were the material fundament of  so called ”human faced capitalism”. This ”human faced capitalism” lasted twenty years, roughly since the fifties until the last seventies. During this period revolutionary communist developed a hard struggle against revisionism, shared also by partisans of the Resistance against nazi-fascism.

The task of this struggle was the rebuilding of the revolutionary Communist Party. This aim has been pursued by two main movements. The first one was the marxist-leninist movement, the second one was the fighting communist movement (Red Brigades).

They both didn´t reach their aim, in spite of the great revolutionary movement including hundred of thousand of workers, students and other elements of popoular masses. During the seventies this movement developed struggle in factories, schools, city departements, in the Army and even in jails. The bourgeoisie was compelled to a fierce repression, imprisoning over 5.000 people.

At the beginning of the eighties both those lines (the dogmatic one and the militarist - adventurist one) led to a hard defeat of the revolutionary movement. This defeat gave to the revolutionaries precious learnings about limits and mistakes which is necessary to overcome for the rebirth of the revolutionary movement and the rebuilding of a real Communist Party.

At the beginning of the nineties start the course, step by step, to create the condition for the establishment of the (new) communist Party, founded on Marxism – Leninism – Maoism. A rich debate spreads among subjective forces of socialist revolution, about the role and the nature of the party, about the necessary conditions for this rebuilding.

The CARC indicate four of these conditions:

  1. form comrades able to rebuild a party endoved with competency to perform its task in view of capitalism´s second general crisis development and the subsequent revolutionary situation,
  2. develop the work concerning the Party´s program, working method, analysis of the phase and the Party´s general line,
  3. involve the advanced workers, the popular masses, women and young people with the work for the Party rebuilding,
  4. create the fund for the future Party.


In 1998 in order to develop these conditions the National Secretariat of CARC published the New Italian Communist Party´s Project of Manifesto-Program. In 1999 a clandestine group of comrades, including the ex-National Secretary  of CARC, Giuseppe Maj, constitued the Preparatory Commission (CP) of the fundative Congress of the (new) Italian Communist Party. This group launched the program of constitution of the new clandestine party, a party which can develop the Revolutionary Popular War.

Today the work for the rebuilding of (new) Communist Party develops through the activity of CARC together with other organizations in the Popular Front for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party, and through the clandestine activity of the CP. Meanwhile other organizations are working to obtain the same task, even if they are not inside the Popular Front.

The preventive counter-revolution has repeatedly waged repressive campaigns against communists and, in particular, against CARC´s and CP´s members, imprisoning two comrades in Paris, Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel. The communist faced the repression, denounced the bourgeoisie persecutions, developed a vast propaganda and agitation against the repressive investigations and spread and let be known the work currently being carried out for reconstruction of the (new) Communist Party. Also this resistance enforces the rebuilding of the Party.


The attack against communists is a part of the general attack of the bourgeoisie against working class and popular masses, attack represented by Berlusconi´s government, a gang composed by criminals, racists, clerical and fascists. This gang governs our country since 2001, and is responsible of Genoa´s massacre, of the participation at the aggression towards Iraqi´s people together with U.S. imperialism, of the attacks towards economical, political and social conquest of the workers and popular masses. This gang is responsible of the rehabilitation of fascism, of the persecution towards islamic and arab immigrant masses.

Popular masses of our countries are now developing a vast movement of resistance against imperialist bourgeoisie and against its Berlusconi´s government. This movement had led millions of people demonstrating in streets and squares, had producted several general strikes, illegal forms of struggles (FIAT, Alitalia, public transport), mobilitations of all kind of workers (public school, public health, social previdence). Also this kind of resistance enforces the work for rebuilding Communist Party.

So the line of the future Communist Party is :

”Unite closely and without reservation with the resistance the popular masses will oppose to the current developing capitalist crisis. Understand and apply the laws of the resistance development. Support, promote and organize it in order to realize the leadership of the working class so as to transform it in struggle for socialism, applying as the main working and leading method the mas line.”


Let us built up a common front of solidarity against repression!

Let us develop a proletarian and intenational solidarity!

Long life to communist movement!


Workers of all the world unite!